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Srestayu Sleep Oil

First time of its kind and the only solution for good sleep. No side effects, No addictions, No internal consumption.

Srestayu Immunity Booster

Very well formulated and a perfect blend of Tulasi and Amla with the power of Ayurveda.

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Srestayu Immunity Booster

Ministry of AYUSH Ayurveda’s immunity boosting measures for self care during COVID 19 crisis In the wake of the Covid 19 outbreak, entire mankind across the globe is suffering. Enhancing the body’s natural defence system (immunity) plays an important role in maintaining optimum health.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. While there is no medicine for COVID-19 as of now, it will be good to take preventive measures which boost our immunity in these times. Ayurveda, being the science of life, propagates the gifts of nature in maintaining healthy and happy living. Ayurveda’s extensive knowledge base on preventive care, derives from the concepts of “Dinacharya” – daily regimes and “Ritucharya” – seasonal regimes to maintain healthy life. It is a plant-based science.

The simplicity of awareness about oneself and the harmony each individual can achieve by uplifting and maintaining his or her immunity is emphasized across Ayurveda’s classical scriptures.

*2 drops of Srestayu Immunity Booster helps you get good Immunity

Srestayu Sleep Oil

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep, or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep. You may still feel tired when you wake up.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common causes of chronic insomnia. Having difficulty sleeping can also make anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms worse. Other common emotional and psychological causes include anger, worry, grief, bipolar disorder, and trauma.

The reported prevalence of insomnia is 9% in the general population and about 30% suffer from occasional insomnia. In this study cohort, 18.6% reported insomnia. A higher prevalence of sleep disorders related to initiation and maintenance of sleep (28%) was reported in an urban population from north India.

*2 drops of Srestayu Sleep oil helps you get good sleep

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Yes all our products are approved by Ministery of Ayush.

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